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About All Waffle Trick

All Waffle Trick is a 3-piece Ska-Punk band from Denver, CO. Formed in 2009 by a few smart-ass nerds in a suburban basement, this power trio’s sound has been described as 'straight off a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Soundtrack.' And with influences like The Bouncing Souls, Zebrahead, and Blink-182, it’s easy to hear why.

Anchored by founding members Jeff Giles (Lead singer/guitarist) and the late Alex “Curly” Mark (drummer), All Waffle Trick emerged from the basement and hit the Denver scene in 2013. The group’s two studio albums, “Part of a Complete Breakfast” (2015) and “Second Breakfast” (2019), showcase their razor-sharp lyrical wit and knack for writing melodies that linger in your head for days. Over the years, All Waffle Trick has opened for nationally recognized acts such as NOFX, The Bouncing Souls, and Authority Zero. The band is gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP, 'Continental Breakfast,' scheduled for early 2024.


Current Lineup: Jeff Giles - Lead Vox/Guitar | Rob Johnson - Bass | Caleb Williams - Drums



Julie Rivers

New Noise Magazine

"[Punk Rock Saves Lives Festival] started with All Waffle Trick who played with all the energy of a headlining act despite being the first ones of the day."


Colorado Punk Rock Army

"If you stayed this long it’s time to wrap things up. All Waffle Trick’s “Second Breakfast” is an excellent album filled with everything I love about ska and punk."


Brett Callwood

Westword Magazine

"... there’s something about the razor-sharp tunes and, whisper it, technical proficiency that suggests that, in fact, what we have here is a group of smart cookies."


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