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About All Waffle Trick

All Waffle Trick is a 3-piece Ska-Punk band from Denver, CO. The group got its start in 2009 covering songs from influential acts, such as The Bouncing Souls, Zebrahead, and Blink-182. Their sound has been described as 'straight off a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Soundtrack.' Led by founding members Jeff Giles (Lead singer/guitarist) and the late Alex “Curly” Mark (drummer), All Waffle Trick hit the Denver scene in 2013. Over the years, they have opened for nationally recognized acts such as NOFF, The Bouncing Souls, and Authority Zero.


Razor-sharp lyrical wit and a knack for writing melodies that linger in your head are hallmarks of All Waffle Trick’s discography. The power trio released their most recent EP, “Continental Breakfast,” in March 2024, anchored by their most commercially successful song to date, “Taking the Long Way”. This is the group’s third studio release, adding to a catalog that also includes “Second Breakfast” (2019) and “Part of a Complete Breakfast” (2015).



Girl at the Rock Show

"What this tells me is that All Waffle Trick is on their way to the top so jump on this train before it’s too late and you are left wondering what rock you had been living under when it came to this band."



Translated from Spanish

"[Continental Breakfast] is a musical awakening that reminds us of the transformative power of music in its purest and most visceral form"


Julie Rivers

New Noise Magazine

"[Punk Rock Saves Lives Festival] started with All Waffle Trick who played with all the energy of a headlining act despite being the first ones of the day."


Colorado Punk Rock Army

"If you stayed this long it’s time to wrap things up. All Waffle Trick’s “Second Breakfast” is an excellent album filled with everything I love about ska and punk."


Brett Callwood

Westword Magazine

"... there’s something about the razor-sharp tunes and, whisper it, technical proficiency that suggests that, in fact, what we have here is a group of smart cookies."


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